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4 Ports | Art-Net | Madrix | LED Slave Controller H802RA



> H802RA adopts standard Ethernet protocol and supports Art-Net protocol.
> Four output ports, which can control a variety of LED driver chips, support the function of automatic address coding.
> Input ports can be directly connected to computer network cards, offline and on-line main control, as well as switches and photoelectric converters.
> On-line supporting software is “LED broadcasting software” or “MADRIX”, off-line supporting software is “LED programming software”.


1) Four output ports with a maximum of 4096 pixels. The maximum number of control points per port is 1024.
2) Supporting Art-Net protocol, it can cooperate with MADRIX software.
3) Address the DMX chips of Tianwei and Lianxinke.
4) The “LED Broadcasting Software” can be used to set up repeaters and amplifiers.
5) It can be connected and detached. It can be directly connected to the computer network card, or to the off-line and on-line main control system.
6) It is flexible in use, and can be interchanged freely, so it has strong adaptability to lighting engineering.
7) The transmission distance is long. The transmission signal adopts standard Ethernet protocol and the nominal distance is 100 meters. It can be used as a relay and directly through the photoelectric conversion module, so that the transmission distance can reach more than 25 kilometers.

Data sheet:

  Product:   4 Ports | Art-Net | Madrix | LED Slave Controller H802RA
  Model No.:   H802RA
  Controllable:   Can drive 4096 Pixels with 4 ports (1024Pixels/port) 
  Input Volage:    AC100-240V 
  Consumption:   1.5W
  Net weight:   0.70kg/pcs 
  Dimension:   180 x 126 x 43(mm) 
  Supported driver chips:    Almost all of the digial led chips, including single SPI, Double SPI, DMX512, and more 

Photos show:

Madrix mode Madrix mode Working with Madrix
Connect to master controller, software is LED Build. Programs are stored in SD card. Madrix mode


4 Ports | Art-Net | Madrix | LED Slave Controller H802RA


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