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SK6812 5050 RGBW RGBWW LED Chips Smart Control Circuit And A Light Emitting Circuit In One 1000pcs/pack


Within built SK6812 IC 5050RGBW SMD LED, achieve single pixel control, point by point scanning, reach magic RGBW chase, horse racing, gradual change and other effects. MOQ is 1 pack, 1000pcs/pack.


  • LED dream color strip, portable fantasy audio, computer chassis,
  • Fan decoration light, LED flexible full-color pixel screen,
  • LED color clothing, LED color model, keyboard,
  • Smart bracelet, angel eyes, full color LED display,
  • LED lighting glass, automobile luminous sign,
  • Magic LED handbag, LED smart women jewelry, dream color shoes
  • All other color LED lighting application.

Optional customization

  1. Surface of the bracket, white fact and black face(B)
  2. The color temperature of white color,warm sunlight(SK6812RGBW-WW), natural white(SK6812RGBW-NW), blue white(SK6812RGBW-BW) and amber(SK6812RGBA).

SK6812 RGBW vs WWA vs RGB

SK6812 RGBW vs WWA vs RGB
SK6812 RGBW vs WWA vs RGB


  • Top SMD internal integrated high quality external control line serial cascade constant current IC;
  • Control circuit and the RGBW chip in SMD 5050 components, to form a complete control of pixel, color mixing uniformity and consistency;
  • Built-in data shaping circuit, a pixel signal is received after wave shaping and output waveform distortion will not guarantee a line;
  • The built-in power on reset and reset circuit, the power does not work;
  • Gray level adjusting circuit (256 level gray scale adjustable);
  • Red drive special treatment, color balance;
  • Line data transmission;
  • Plastic forward strengthening technology, the transmission distance
  • Between two points over 10M;
  • Data transmission frequency up to 800Kbps, when the refresh rate of 30
  • Frames per second, a cascade of not less than 1024;
  • Built-in powerpolarity protection modul e, powerpolarity will not damage.

Mechanical Product Size (unit mm):

Mechanical Product Size and Pin Map(unit mm)

Pin Function:

Item Symbol Pin Name Function description
1 VSS Ground Signal & Power supply & Grounding
2 DIN Data Input Control signal input data
3 VDD Power Power supply pin
4 DOUT Data Output Control signal output data

The electrical parameters (limit parameters, Ta=25 C, VSS=0V)

Parameter Symbol Range Unit
Input voltage V-IN +5 V
Logic input voltage V-I -0.5 ~VDD+5.5 V
Working temperature T-opt -40~+85
Storage temperature T-stg -50~+150
EST pressure V-ESD 4K V

The dynamic parameters (Ta=25 C)

Parameter Symbol Min Typical Max Unit Conditions
Data transmission speed f-DIN 800 KHZ Duty ratio 67% (data 1)
DOUT transmission delay T-PLZ 500 ns DIN→DOUT
DOUT transmission delay T-PLZ 500 ns DIN→DOUT

RGBW chip characteristic parameters

Color Wavelength(nm) Luminous intensity(mcd) Working voltage(v)
Red 620-625 700-1000 2.0-2.2
Green 522.5-525 1500-2200 3.0-3.3
Blue 467.5-470 700-1000 3.0-3.3
WW 2700-3200K 1500-2200 5.5-6.5
NW 4000-4500K 1500-2200 5.5-6.5
BW 6000-7000K 1500-2200 5.5-6.5

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