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Manufacturer & Exporter

  • 4000+ square meter factory
  • 120+ employees, 5+ R&D staff
  • 3000+ products, 200+ exclusive design products

Online ordering & full customization

  • LED built-in IC smart lamp beads
  • High-definition high-brightness LED lighting strip
  • Full color lighting complete program consultation

Thank you for your help!

  • Started in 2011, 8 years experiences
  • Create a comfortable, casual, healthy lighting environment
  • Engineering lighting, lighting show, full solution configuration expert

Allcoola makes it easy for you to build professional led lighting in days.

Just ask us to inquiry & customize LED products to create your own custom projects!

Successful cases

LED lights are widely used in home decoration, bars, KTV decoration, garden landscapes, stadiums, exhibition halls, hotels, villas, high-end clubs and other fields.

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