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Project Description

A bridge LED lighting project

The lighting project is also called the lighting design project of Lianghua Caiguang. Although the design of the bridge landscape has similarities with the architectural landscape design, its huge volume and strip pattern make the landscape have its own laws, such as the bridge landscape. The trend is a bright band, and the bridge art climax, such as the bridge tower bridge pier, etc. can form a bright spot. This combination of point and line landscape can better reflect the personality and essence of the bridge. Then the lighting project will take everyone to understand!

The light color of the bridge landscape not only has the characteristics of soft landscape, but also the light fixture is an important hard landscape of the bridge deck. The information conveyed by the fixture shape is also an important aspect of the bridge landscape concept.

Project Details

A bridge LED lighting project

The project is a scenic lighting project, and the waterscape part is the DMX512 full-color wall washer led lights, which has good waterproof effect. In the night, slowly running the changing lighting effects, colorful lights and water shadows make the night scene more charming and dynamic.

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