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Project Description

Product Name: DMX512 Monochrome Neon
Product Description: T1220 silicone neon, built-in DMX512 parallel signal control chip, 2835 monochrome lamp bead, 70 lights, 24V, 10w/m, 10 pixels per meter, color temperature 4000K, IP67 waterproof;
Light source description: SMD2835, 70 lights / m, 24V, 10w / m, RA80, 4000K, IP67, 1 m / strip
Rated voltage: 24V
Angle of illumination: 120
Available colors: 3000K, 4000K, 6000K
Waterproof instructions: IP67 casing waterproof
Precautions: This product must use DC24v power supply; this product will not be lit when it is powered on directly, and needs to be illuminated by the controller;

Product advantages:
1) Safe low voltage, low power consumption, using 24V power supply, it can work normally;
2) High brightness, the light source is made of imported ultra-high brightness LEDs in series, 70LED per meter, to ensure the overall luminous effect and high brightness.
3) LED light source using DMX512 parallel signal drive IC; it is an LED lighting fixture specially developed for the large-scale landscape lighting project and the project with high quality stability requirements [Wei Si Tuo Technology]. Each lamp is written with independent address code, parallel signal bus design, single lamps are independent of each other, the lamps in any position are faulty, and the other lamps of the whole project do not affect the normal operation, and have high stability.

Project Details

Because the flexible and environmentally friendly silicone LED neon can be bent at a certain angle and has the characteristics of uniform and continuous light, it has been widely used in the decorative lighting market for many years. In the commercial field of facades, signs, subtitles, hotel bars, building outlines and other decorative lighting places have neon flashing figures.

Due to its high stability, reliability and versatility, the DMX512 protocol is widely used in stage lighting, large-scale landscape lighting, urban cluster night lighting, large-scale lighting art festivals, lighting shows and other related LED entertainment lighting products.

Client:  Secrecy
Format: DMX512 Environmentally friendly silicone monochrome neon LED light
Cost: Secrecy

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