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Manufacturer & Exporter

  • 4000+ square meter factory
  • 120+ employees, 5+ R&D staff
  • 3000+ products, 200+ exclusive design products

Online ordering & full customization

  • LED built-in IC smart lamp beads
  • High-definition high-brightness LED lighting strip
  • Full color lighting complete program consultation

Thank you for your help!

  • Started in 2011, 8 years experiences
  • Create a comfortable, casual, healthy lighting environment
  • Engineering lighting, lighting show, full solution configuration expert

Allcoola makes it easy for you to build professional led lighting in days.

Just ask us to inquiry & customize LED products to create your own custom projects!

Recommended Products

LED full color light bar is also known as LED color light bar, LED digital light bar, pixel light bar, English name: LED pixel strips, the product is flexible FPC (soft light strip) / PCB (hard light strip) as the substrate Welding LEDs, as well as the formation of peripheral circuits, can achieve chase, water, illusion, display effects, etc., mainly used for decoration of KTV, hotels, homes, etc.

Successful cases

LED lights are widely used in home decoration, bars, KTV decoration, garden landscapes, stadiums, exhibition halls, hotels, villas, high-end clubs and other fields.

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