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K-1000C LED Controller (T-1000S Updated) 2048 Pixels Controller DC5-24V with SD Card

K-1000C 2048 DC5-24V Addressable Controller with SD Card:

  • It supports all the smart IC on the market . Including WS2812B,WS2811,WS2813,SK9822,SK6812RGBW,APA102C,WS2801,etc . All the dual data led chip , data and clock led chip,single data led chip. It is suitable for engineering projects or customers’ DIY project .Support SD card 128MB-32GB. Install LEDEDIT software on window computer.
  • 【Great for DIY Project】It supports LED strip/ LED matrix panel/Special-shaped/different data directions project. Various special lighting effect. like effects-firework ,chasing,rainbow,scrolling text,single color,full color,running etc . There is a lighting effect library in the LEDEdit software . You also can use some videos/pictures as your own lighting effect library .
  • 【Cascade Synchronization】There is one port on it, it can support 2048 pixels(DMX LED 512 pixels). Cascade Synchronization is for large pixels projects .We can cascade many controllers. There are K4000C controller max control 4000 pixels , K8000C controller max control 8000 pixels ,if you need please contact us .
  • 【Refresh Rate】 512 pixels 30 frames/second, 1024 point pixels 25 frames/second and 2048 pixels 15 frames/second. Max control WS2812B 2048 pixels.Usually we recommend 600 pixels. More pixels will decrease the speed of data transmission.
  • 【Providing technical assistance.】 One year warranty. We can help you to program a test file if you don’t know how to use it. NOTE : If you don’t know how to use , please please please contact us .


 Product:  K1000c LED controller 
 Working voltage:  DC5V-24V
 Control led pixels quantity:   Drive up to 2048 pixels maximum using 256 brightness levels per color (24 bit color)
 Support led pixel effects:  Supports all the various rules-shape, special shape processing
 Programs quantity:  Off-line use can support 16 programmes stored in the SD card
 Controller software:  LedEdit2014 / Glediator
 Multiple programs form:  00_1.led,  01_1.led,  02_1.led,  03_1.led, etc
 Programsspeed model:  Adjust the playback speed and choose the display program by buttons.

K1000c Programmable Controller | 5-24V SD Card Controller:

1). This k1000c sd card controller is evolution of our classic T-1000s sd card controller.
2). Add a display that customers more prefer.
3). Improve functions that support load lamp is 4 channels (RGBW) pixels, enhanced 485 TTL and 485 differential (DMX) signal output.
4). Controller support chip can lock the support IC in software, or not lock the support IC in the software, select the support IC through the controller CHIP button, more flexible and convenient.
5). Comes with a 256MB SD card included, support up to 2GB sd card.
6). For the DMX lighting IC, the controller comes with write address function; In addition, with use of 2016 LedEdit-K V3.26 or later edition can make one key write address function setting.
7). Controller comes with the test effects were as follows:
7.1) red, green, blue and black jump;
7.2) red, green, blue and black gradient;
7.3) red, green, blue and goes.


K-1000C insert SD card mode and no SD card mode:

Compatible with wide range of addressable LED chipsets:

> TM1803/TM1804/TM1809/TM1812/TM1825/TM1826/TM1829/TA9909/TA9912/TM1913/TM1914
> UCS1903/UCS1912/UCS2903/UCS2909/UCS2912/UCS3903/UCS3912/UCS8903/UCS8904
> LPD6803/LPD1886/LPD1882/LPD1889/LPD6812/LPD6813/LPD8806/LPD8809
> SM16716/SM16726/SM16711/SM16703
> WS2811/WS2801/WS2803/WS2812B/WS2813
> LX1003/LX2003/LX2006
> INK1003/INK1009
> P9813/P9816/D705/9883/P9823
> SK6812/SK6812RGBW/SK6822/SK6812mini/SK9822
> APA102/APA102C/APA104/APA2020
> TLS3001/TLS3008/TLS3100
> DMX 500K/DMX 250K-CZF

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