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SK6812 5050 RGB Smart LED Digital Light Lamp Bead Full Color Pixels Individually Addressable 5V


Within built SK6812 IC 5050RGB SMD LED, achieve single pixel control, point by point scanning, reach magic RGB chase, horse racing, gradual change and other effects.


  • LED dream color strip, portable fantasy audio, computer chassis,
  • Fan decoration light, LED flexible full-color pixel screen,
  • LED color clothing, LED color model, keyboard,
  • Smart bracelet, angel eyes, full color LED display,
  • LED lighting glass, automobile luminous sign,
  • Magic LED handbag, LED smart women jewelry, dream color shoes
  • All other color LED lighting application.

Optional customization

  1. IC current, 5MA (SK6805) and 12MA (SK6812)
  2. Surface of the bracket, white fact and black face(B)
  3. Pin of led, 4PIN(SK6812) and 6PIN(SK6812-P6)
  4. The surface glue of led,transparent(SK6812) and diffuse(SK6812D)


  • Top SMD internal integrated high quality external control line serial cascade constant current IC;
  • Control circuit and the RGB chip in SMD 5050 components, to form a complete control of pixel, color mixing uniformity and consistency;
  • Built-in data shaping circuit, a pixel signal is received after wave shaping and output waveform distortion will not guarantee a line;
  • The built-in power on reset and reset circuit, the power does not work;
  • Gray level adjusting circuit (256 level gray scale adjustable);
  • Red drive special treatment, color balance;
  • Line data transmission;
  • Plastic forward strengthening technology, the transmission distance
  • Between two points over 10M;
  • Data transmission frequency up to 800Kbps, when the refresh rate of 30
  • Frames per second, a cascade of not less than 1024;
  • Built-in powerpolarity protection modul e, powerpolarity will not damage.

Mechanical Product Size (unit mm):

Mechanical Product Size and Pin Map(unit mm)

Pin Function:

Item Symbol Pin Name Function description
1 VSS Ground Signal & Power supply & Grounding
2 DIN Data Input Control signal input data
3 VDD Power Power supply pin
4 DOUT Data Output Control signal output data

The electrical parameters (limit parameters, Ta=25 C, VSS=0V)

Parameter Symbol Range Unit
Input voltage V-IN +5~+24 V
Logic input voltage V-I -0.5 ~VDD+5.5 V
Working temperature T-opt -40~+85
Storage temperature T-stg -50~+150
EST pressure V-ESD 4K V

The dynamic parameters (Ta=25 C)

Parameter Symbol Min Typical Max Unit Conditions
Data transmission speed f-DIN 800 KHZ Duty ratio 67% (data 1)
DOUT transmission delay T-PLZ 500 ns DIN→DOUT
DOUT transmission delay T-PLZ 500 ns DIN→DOUT

RGB chip characteristic parameters

Color Wavelength(nm) Luminous intensity(mcd) Working voltage(v)
Red 620-625 700-1000 2.0-2.2
Green 522.5-525 1500-2200 3.0-3.3
Blue 467.5-470 700-1000 3.0-3.3

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