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DMX512 address writer Coder with video demonstration

DMX512 address writer Coder with video demonstration


  Product:   DMX512 address Coder
  Item No.:    ADY-XIAMA-V6.0B / ADY-XIAMA-V6.0C
  LED:    Support UCS DMX512 Series, TM Series, SM Series
  View angle:   N/A
  IC Chip:   UCS DMX512 Series, TM Series, SM Series
  Input voltage:   5V
  Power:   3w
  Size:   142x92x25(mm), 0.5kg/pcs

DMX512 address Coder writer selling points:

1) DMX512 decoding module channel address code writing;
2) Detect the DMX512 signal, diagnose the on-off of the engineering wiring, test the strength of the DMX512 signal, etc.;
3) All DMX512 decoder drivers of our company can write address codes;
4) DMX512 protocol LED lighting project, be sure to prepare a set, very useful;

  • Special attention: (XIEMA-V6.0-B is suitable for Unishine and Tianwei chip, XIEMA-V6.0-C is suitable for Mingwei chip)

DMX512 address writer Coder

Body silk Print content description:

DC5V: power supply DC 5V input 
POWER: Power indicator light 
A/B/GND: Four-wire DMX code writing signal line 
GND/DAT: Three-wire DMX code writing signal line 
ADD: DMX write code address signal line 
DA\DB: reserved port, empty signal when occupied  
SET: Write code confirm key 
MODE: Mode switch  
+/-: Address setting, channel setting, number of lights setting and effect speed adjustment

Power on DMX512 address writer Coder
1.1) Start Ch: Start channel (calculated by channel, the default is to write codes from the first channel)
1.2) Ch mode: Interval channel (the smallest adjustable is 0, the largest adjustable is 255 channels, 0 channel means that all lamps have the same address)
1.3) Number: Number of chips for writing code (default 512 does not need to be changed)
1.4) IC: Chip model: 512AP, SM-3, SM-4
Press the “MODE” key to switch the coding parameter settings; “+” and “-” to adjust the start channel, interval channel, and chip model;
After setting the parameters, press “SET” to write the code and the screen will display Writing Addr…
When the screen displays Writing OK! When the code is completed.

ADY-XIAMA-V6.0 is going be replaced by the new XB-C100 DMX512 Decoder

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