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Recommend Breakpoint Continue 10/20 Pixels/m TM1934 Addressable Pixel LED Strips

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TM1934 Addressable Pixel LED Strips, 60led/m, 10/20pixels/m, Control IC built outside, 12V/24V DC, 14.4w/m, 10mm white or black PCB, with 3M adhesive tape backed, IP20, 5m/roll, 15cm JST connector; You can customize it to be linear led lights with Aluminum profiles.

Technical parameter:

Product Name: Breakpoint Continue 20 Pixels/m TM1934 Addressable Pixel LED Strips
Product Model: WTP-1934-60D10W-12V
PCB: 10mm, white PCB, better heat dissipation and longer life span
LED Type: SMD5050-RGB  
LED Quantity: 60LED/m, Each 3 LEDs separately control
Power Consumption: DC12V, 14.4w/m,
Packing & Dimension: 5000 x 10 x 2 mm / 5 meter per roll in a LED anti-static aluminum foil bag
Working Environment: -20 to +45℃; Relative Humidity: 0 to 95% (no cold condensation)
Warranty: 2 Years

Order info:

 SN  Model Number LED and Pixel PCB Width Voltage Power Waterproof
1   WTP-1934-60D10W-12V 60led/m, 20Pixels/m 10mm 12V 14.4w/m IP20/IP65/IP67
2   WTP-1934-60D10W-24V 60led/m, 10Pixels/m 10mm 24V 14.4w/m IP20/IP65/IP67


About TM1934:

TM1934 is a special circuit for a single-line three-channel LED constant current drive. It can switch inputs through two-channel digital interfaces (DIN, FDIN) and cascade with the DO port. The external controller can control the chip with a single line. The chip integrates MCU single-line dual-channel digital interface, data latch, LED constant current drive, PWM brightness control, and other circuits. The VDD pin integrates a 5V voltage regulator tube, and there are few peripheral devices. It is suitable for LED decorative products such as guardrail tubes and point light sources. This product has excellent performance and reliable quality.

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